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MW Interim - your experts
MW Interim - 
your experts
Thoughtfully prepared and pragmatic in implementation
Thoughtfully prepared and 
pragmatic in implementation

ABOUT MW Interim

  • MWI offers Interim Management and Consulting specifically in the areas of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Logistics
  • We are also focused on the development of leadership skills as well as increasing the performance of teams
  • The third core area deals with processes and their digitalization

All these focus areas can, but do not necessarily have to be considered in combination. MWI remains being a generalist, but with an eye for the detail and especially for the people involved.


In need of an Interim Manager in all or some areas of Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Supplier Management, Logistics, Warehousing or Digitalization?

We can temporarily replace your CSCO, department manager or area manager - the "daily business" continues unnoticed as usual. The duration of the assignment can be between a week and even more than a year.​


  • Your processes or KPI's are in need to be optimized?
  • Your digitalization landscape is no longer up-to-date?
  • Your team is unable to complete the tasks assigned to your satisfaction?

MWI rapidly finds the root causes and helps to eliminate them.
We do not only advise, we also implement, guide and help you until the processes are in a successfully settled state to your full satisfaction. ​

leadership and Team Performance

Do you or your line manager need advice on how to improve the team performance?

  • MWI has developed the 5T Leadership Model which is a guideline for improving team performance as a whole.
  • MWI knows exactly how it works!
  • Additionally, MWI can support you in improving and coaching your management approach due to many years of experience in several hierarchical levels.

Your Organisation is not „Gen Z“ – ready? Do you have difficulties in finding suitable and motivated employees? Is there too much or too little work in an unfamiliar working environment? Your employees and/or managers are still thinking too much in hierarchies? 

  • MWI helps you transform to NEW WORK! 
  • Having ownership by nature and working in flat hierarchies are transformation processes - we can support you during all the phases of this transformation. Due to large experience in startups and traditionally organized companies, we have already helped to implement working in flat hierarchies.

You need a Speaker 
for all MWI core competencies? 

MWI loves to share the whole gathered experience within SCM, Leadership and Logistics, no matter if in conferences or workshops.

Philosophy and Approach

At MWI, people always come first. People are the heart and soul of any company. All transformation efforts are made by people. Key success factors are enthusiasm and participation of the employees. Every person wants to be challenged! Employees only surpass themselves when they are motivated and under slight and healthy pressure. One important success factor is to take them out of the "comfort zones" via "fear zones" into "growth zones". It is even more relevant to avoid overstraining this and thus transporting them into "danger zones". Experience has shown that the performance curve drops in this zone because of simply overwhelmed employees.


Our approach is the combination of people-related topics combined with processes and systems. Humans are an important building block in any process and system analysis. When bottlenecks are discovered, the next step is to adapt and revise the processes - and later the systems. If necessary, we also go into depth in every single process step. Detailed knowledge in several areas helps to better understand the whole. MW Interim is very broadly positioned in the entire area of Supply Chain Management, which helps to better understand the whole and the detail. After the bottleneck analysis, measures are defined and implemented. An action plan defines the sequence of actions to be implemented.​

During implementation, a pragmatic approach is crucial. Better to introduce 80% quickly than never to reach 100%! And after the introduction, the process of continuous improvement starts - according to the client's wishes, with or without MWI!


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